Olive Pomace Oil Extra Virgin Olive Oil Pure Olive Oil

Olive OilRefined Olive Oil is not totally natural, though perfectly healthy. They are obtained by refining virgin olive oils that do not pass the taste or free acidity test. No solvents are used, as refined olive oils have filtered with charcoal or other chemical filters. Because it must go through processing, it’s not considered "virgin olive oil," though it's kind of like the equivalent of virgin olive oil (that just needed a little bit of help getting there). It doesn't have the same good taste of virgin olive oil.

Pure Olive Oil is now simply called olive oil and is a blend of virgin olive oil and refined olive oil. Its label will bear the designation "pure" or "100% pure". However, refined olive oil has very little vitamin E content. This is why producers need to add unrefined virgin olive oil to impart some of flavour, colour and aroma into the blend. The proportions of the two components may vary from one producer to another, depending on the flavour the producer desires to create. Pure olive oil actually has the same acidity level as virgin olive oil, and for that reason it has good resistance to high temperatures. Its lower nutrient content than virgin olive oil makes it less expensive. It cannot be used for dressings and is better suited for heavy - duty, high-heat cooking.


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